Story Server

The story server is a system to keeping track of stories during, for example, an iterative development process like XP. Stories are like use cases, the story server collects the stories and makes it easy to assign them to developers. It keeps track (in a very coarse way) who is working on what, and computes developer velocity (called "omega" in the story server). Story server is free software, made available under the Gnu Public License.

The story server includes:

What do I need to run it?


(Circa version 1.3)

Creating a story.

View, in short mode.

View, in long mode.

View a single story.


The current release is 1.6. The source code is available via CVS or in a tarball. The "binary" release has been compiled on sun's jdk version 1.4.0 and has been tested on tomcat version 4.1.2 with postgresql version 7.2.1.


Read the INSTALL file.


CVS access is also available.


Feel free to improve upon the story server. Developer discussion occurs on Send ideas, comments, and other feedback to the list or to me at

Visit the project page at sourceforge.

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